What Clients are saying about: Erin

-Realtor, Houston, TX

Erin was wonderful to work with!  She came into my tiny closet and helped me get rid of some clothes I didn’t need as well as help me pick out a few new essentials.  She took inventory on what I had and made note of items that I needed to pair with my existing items.  The very next day I had a bag at my front door with the perfect blazer I had been needing. She knew what I would like and I didn’t even have to leave home to search for it. Not only did she help with the clothes, she helped me organize!  We came up with a plan to make better use of my small space – a few measurements and some easy built-ins I can now walk in and pull out an outfit already put together.  Thanks Erin!!

-Business Owner, Houston, TX

I loved having Erin come out and go through my closet. She took my old tired clothes and with a few suggestions updated my wardrobe to fit my needs and look stylish doing so. It was easy getting rid of the clothes that were old and worn out because Erin was so much fun. Not only did she go through my closet but she also packed my suitcase for an upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. Definitely will recommend her to friends and will do it again.

-Teacher, Houston, TX

Erin was such a great help at organizing my closet and putting outfits together, giving me ideas on accessorizing and different ways to wear my blazers, blouses and denim (belting them, rolling the sleeves, or just changing out the buttons)……so simple and I love the new looks and the compliments I get! It’s so nice to have a fresh look to my closet and the outfits I put together.   Erin was very confident in her presentation and I was so comfortable working with her……thanks Erin!

-Lawyer, Springfield, MO

I thought Erin with Style Spies was very helpful.  She has given me great focus on what to buy in the future.  I wanted to get away from buying the same things over and over and didn’t know how to begin.  With her help, I now have a good idea how to add pieces to begin my transformation.  I also have a better idea of what to do with current clothing and to make more ‘fun outfits’ with what I already have in my closet.  Thank you Erin!


What Clients are saying about: Mollie 

-Stay at Home Mom, Libertyville, IL

It has been over a month since my Style Spies closet consultation (with Mollie) and in that time I haven’t uttered ‘What should I wear?’ once.  With their expertise and eye for detail, my closet has been streamlined in a way that compliments my busy mom lifestyle.  They also identified key pieces my wardrobe that were missing and then went the extra step to find those items for me.  By taking my own style into consideration as well, I feel their service has been just the boost my confidence, and budget, have needed.  Well done!!!

-Oncologist, Deerfield, IL

I was lucky enough to meet Mollie in the neighborhood, and I reached out to her to rescue my sad closet!  After 2 babies, I had no idea how to dress my new shape.   I also needed assistance dressing for work, for nights out, and for running errands with the kids.  I had a lack of insight, a lack of space, and, I now realize, a lack of basic wardrobe items helpful in building a visually interesting and updated outfit.  I was very nervous about exposing my closet vulnerability, but Mollie handled it with warmth, acceptance, and fun!  Mollie rapidly went through my closet and identified pieces worth saving and mixed them with other closet items I never would have imagined!  She also quickly created a significant amount of space by eliminating the outdated, ill-fitting, and faded clothes.  Mollie also comes with electronic and written copies of the building block items critical in building a successful wardrobe…and identified what I already had, and the gaps that I would need to fill.  Our shopping trip was a tremendous success, and a ton of fun.  Mollie found several fabulous items (clothing and accessories) I never would have selected, and showed me how to create multiple outfits useful for different occasions from these items.   We also stayed within my budget!  My closet variety is significantly improved, and I can’t wait for a future fall shopping trip.  Mollie is the best, and I can’t recommend her enough.  Worth it!

-Executive President, Chicago, IL

Mollie and I had not met before she arrived to review my not so wonderfully organized closet. Her casual warm approach prompted me to (with Mollie’s gentle and practical point of view)  rid myself of 20 year old suits and my favorite t-shirts with holes. Ten bags later I could see what I really had in my closet and with Mollie’s great advice the things I really needed to fill in my wardrobe. I now have one less thing to worry about in the morning as I  get dressed with confidence.

-Editor, Chicago, IL

I reached out to StyleSpies after months (let’s be honest … years) of a growing wardrobe crisis. It all stems back to right after my first baby was born in 2006.  I lost my ability to shop for myself and even to know what suited my newly-proportioned figure, and I had no patience for trying anything on anymore. Nor did I have the time. The turning point finally came when I somehow made it through last fall and winter with a single pair of North Face fuzzy wuzzy tundra boots, yet no fashion boots. I was that person wearing ballet flats in December and January. Finally this spring, I knew I had to deal with my crisis, as the yoga pant and fleece wardrobe was on its last legs. StyleSpies and Mollie Milano to the rescue! In three hours flat, Mollie thoughtfully and efficiently helped me sort through my closet and divide into three piles … Goodwill, consignment and keepers. (There was a fourth pile that we deemed unacceptable even for Goodwill, but I won’t go into that.) Molly showed me how to re-purpose some keepers that I would’ve thrown out, and she gave me a cheat sheet booklet on now to look put together with a bare minimum of accessories and critical outfit pieces. She then made a list of “must buys” for me to round out my late winter and spring/summer wardrobe, and she even told me where to find what I needed. Mollie is so patient and really listened to my (many) issues, plus she made the process so easy and painless. I know I couldn’t have even cleaned out my closet without her, much less revamped my wardrobe. My closet is now streamlined and I’m excited to put a new fashion foot forward this spring and summer. I highly recommend StyleSpies to all my friends. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself in the past five years!

-Pharmacist, Madison, WI

After reaching out to Mollie my closet now looks more manageable!  I was in a rut of buying the same things over and over again or buying things just because “they were a good deal”.  Mollie gave me insight into what is working in my closet and what wasn’t cutting it anymore.  She was quick, professional, and fun!  She gave me ideas on what to wear together and also what I was missing in my closet.  I know feel much more fashionable!  Thank you Mollie!


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