closet consultation

We know that our closets need to be made over at some point. Style Spies knows what to keep, what to donate and what to tailor.

  • organize according to your true lifestyle and body-type
  • create new stylish looks by utilizing pieces you already own
  • show you how to assemble complete outfits, including shoes and accessories
  • discuss your wardrobe goals and styling aspirations

personal styling & event ensembles

What am I going to wear today?  Do you ask yourself that every morning?  Style Spies will create and photograph head to toe outfits, all within your own closet, so that age-old question is always answered.  depending on your lifestyle and needs, we can either put together a photo book of your outfits OR we can text/email them to you to organize on your own.

Are you getting ready for a special event, or packing to travel?  We can help you find the perfect outfit that it flattering, functional and stylish for whatever your specific need.

personal shopping

There are two ways we shop.  With you, and for you.  You choose.

With you, we will shop where you like to shop AND where we think you should start shopping.  We will provide instruction as to what to buy and what not to buy based on your body type, coloring, and lifestyle.  We will help you navigate the stores in a concise manner and fill in your wardrobe holes.

When we shop for you, Style Spies scours the best boutiques and department stores in your area and online, bringing the latest trends and must-haves to your doorstep.  Within the comfort of your own home, you’ll feel especially pampered as we help you try on, style, and choose new pieces to add to your wardrobe.  Added bonus?  You keep your favorites and we take care of the returns.

inspiration boards {we heart Pinterest}

Are you an online shopper but need a little style/outfit inspiration/direction?  We can help.  One of our favorite things to do is create a Pinterest board for your fashion & style needs.  You just have to tell us what look(s) you’re looking to achieve, or what wardrobe holes you’re looking to fill, and we will pin away!  When your board is done, you can either shop directly from the board or simply use it as inspiration.

fashion shows/event coordination

We have worked in collaboration with many photographers on editorials, catalogs and fashion shows.  We love to work with anyone that has a creative idea and help make it possible in a professional way.

on air personality

Style Spies’ love to talk fashion.  With our knowledge and background we are great choices for on air segments. We have been on numerous local productions and worked with nationwide companies representing them in both a fun and professional manner.


The Fine Print

*prices will vary by service and stylist
*all services will be billed at an hourly rate
*please contact a style spy for pricing
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