faux fur and floppy fedoras

This outfit is MY JAM.  I love wearing a hat, I am in love with these boots (and they’re ON SALE!), and this {India Hicks} necklace is just so stunning.  Right?  It’s one of those ‘feel good’ outfits you put on and think – yep, i look good!  Ha!  How’s that for a little self love?  #winning!

formal dresses


Shop the post right here, and while all of the options aren’t exactly what I’m wearing (because my jeans are seriously like 7 years old), everything is super similar and you can easily recreate this look!


I like them so much I have TWO PAIRS.

What are Erin and I wearing right now?  Our Peach joggers.  All the time. It’s January – we really don’t ever want to take them off.

I like them so much, I had to buy myself a SECOND PAIR.  ooops.

I’m in that mode of work out, clean out the house, re-decorate/re-imagine our living space, and get organized in general.  And let’s be honest, I just can’t do that in JEANS??!!  Am i right, people?  Right.

So here I am, looking thoughtful (hehe) wearing my joggers and my fab comfy cozy yet chic cardigan from Topshop.  I would link to it….but it was from the Nordstrom Sale last summer and it’s long gone.  Sorry chicas.

If you need yo’self some Peach joggers – hit me up.  You can order right here https://www.discoverpeach.com/t/categories/everywear

 or text/email/call me and I can get some for you asap!  You WON’T regret it!

{Stylish} Mom on the Go

We all have our Mom ‘go-to’ outfits.  Some of them are cuter than others…….(ha!), but don’t you love it when you go to the bus stop and all the other Moms are like ‘Hey!!!  That’s SO cute!  Where can i get that?’  OR – ‘Hey!  How do you always look so pulled together AND comfy??!!’  

These Peach joggers and pullover are the answer to your prayers, ladies, trust me.  Mollie and I have been wearing ours ON REPEAT; we may or may not have bought ourselves a second pair of each.  Shhhhh!

The material is a lightweight french terry, the color is a heathered black……and the fit is spot-on.  

Wait – it gets better –  everything Peach is 20% off SITEWIDE until next Monday!  






Shop Peach HERE.

And shop the rest of my look (and my girls’) right here!

Athleta + Peach = Love

When you can find the balance between comfortable AND stylish, it’s always a home run.  This whole outfit is one of my favorites.  The cardigan is from Peach; it’s a heathered black, and the fabric is a lightweight french terry.  It’s YUMMY. So easy to throw on, and it literally goes with everything!

The tights are my absolute go-to style from Athleta.  They’re the high rise chaturanga tight.  I have a few different iterations of these, but this ‘cut-out’ style is SO cute and different!  And each time I wear them i get loads of compliments.  From the front they are basic – but not from the back!!!!  Scroll down to the third picture…..

Finally, I have to mention my new LV.  I didn’t buy it – I EARNED it!  From Peach!  For those of you who don’t know…..besides working as a wardrobe stylist, I am also a Partner at this amazing company.  We are all about helping women feel beYOUtiful in their intimates and loungewear, and we’re growing quickly.  AND – we were just on Project Runway: Fashion Start Up!  Check us out HERE.




Shop my look here:

Pants: High Rise Chaturanga Cut-Out Tight

Cardigan: Peach Everywear French Terry Wrap

Booties:  Similar HERE (mine are ancient!)

Louis V:  Melie Monogram

Photo Cred: Luanne Kelly Photography

Accessorizing Fall

We all love Fall for the fashion.  There’s a nip in the air, and an excitement when you slip on your new boots for the first time. Three holidays are just around the bend (I’m including Halloween b/c it’s my favorite!); it’s a busy time of year.

It can often be the last thing you think about – accessorizing before you walk out the door.  But – it’s actually one of the most important ways to make your outfit ‘yours.’  Everyone can get some ripped up boyfriend jeans, a cute blazer, and some booties (see outfit below).  But your accessories (your bag, jewelry, sunnies) are what really tells the story of YOU.

Below, i’m in LOVE with these Karen Walker sunnies (even though I rented them from Ditto.com, genius!), this India Hicks clutch I bought from my fab friend Jenn Nickell, my Gorjana ring, and my grandmother’s scarf.

And as usual – my hair was NOT cooperating, so I threw it in a bun, which if you see me on the regular is my go-to.





I CANNOT stop wearing these new Jeffrey Campbell booties – they are comfy and cute and i get compliments all day long!  SO flattering on the ankle.

And let’s talk about this India Hicks clutch.

It’s SUPER versatile in this wine color (though they also have it in black, bright poppy red for holiday, cream, and army green), it has a zip top, and the big ol’ tassle is……my favorite part.  I have only recently discovered India Hicks – but now that I have …..yikes!  All of the bags are amazing, and they have jewelry too. Some statement, some everyday.  But all fab.  Check out the whole line HERE.

And of course, shop the post: (PS. J. Crew has a discount code right now SHOPMORE for 25% off!)

Hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peek at some of my favorite fall accessories; i’m sure there will be more to come!


Pleather Pleats Please

This cherry printed Tippi sweater from J Crew has been calling my name for a few weeks now.  I finally bit the bullet and bought it.  And I. LOVE. IT.  I love it with ripped jeans, i love it with my dark denim & a blazer, and a i love it with this cuuuuuuuute pleated pleather skirt!!!!  Don’t you?






How I love to shop for Fall!  Find all of my pieces here:

J Crew Tippi Cherry Print Sweater

J Crew Pleather Pleated Skirt

Bad Ass Bracelet

Booties (similar)

Geometric Earrings

And if you were wondering about my sunnies, I am renting them from Ditto Eyewear.  Yes, RENTING!  They are Karen Walker, and I am in love……especially with the fact that I can rent any sunnies I want for a monthly fee of $24.95!  So – there you have it. Next month, i will be wearing something completely different, and completely awesome, too.  😉

Photo Credit to the amazing Luanne Kelly Photography!

Keep Jewels: the 2016 Charm Bracelet

Last Friday night, I had my neighborhood lady friends over for….what else….wine night!  We try to do this at someone’s house about once a month, and it’s always a good time to catch up with everyone!  This time though, I decided to spice it up a bit.  I invited my friend Natalie over to show off her Keep jewelry.

For those of you who don’t know Keep Collective – it’s a chic new company (created by Stella & Dot) that allows a client to create their own personalized piece of jewelry.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your piece of jewelry.  You can create a bracelet, necklace, key fob, pet collar, earrings, or a bag!
  2. Choose your ‘keys.’  Your keys are like ‘charms’ from an old school charm bracelet.  Pieces to add that personalize your item.  Initials, stones, words, symbols, etc.
  3. Now here, you can either place your order, OR, ask your Keep stylist to mock up your design (they have a super cool tool that they can do this with, and you get to see exactly what your piece will look like with the keys on it!).
  4. Place your order, and gleefully wait for it to arrive in the mail!

Here are some of my favorite designs from their website – but the best part is….you can create your own!  Click HERE to get started, and of course email me or comment below if you have ANY questions or if you’d like to contact Natalie! Keep is a GREAT way to have your own business and work from home while being a Mommy.  🙂

14642755_10103288950962871_425556471_n 14442756_10103239623720061_688040124_n


Go Blog Social Des Moines : The Peach Edition

Go Blog Social Des Moines : The Peach Edition

A couple weekends ago, Erin and I (together, yayyyyyy) had the absolute pleasure of attending Go Blog Social’s conference in Des Moines, IA.  Now – as a couple of Midwestern born and raised girls, we knew Des Moines would have some hidden gems – but we know what you’re thinking:  IOWA?

YES, IOWA!  You guys – Des Moines was absolutely adorable.  The conference was hosted at (and we stayed at) this amazing new hotel there, Hotel Renovo.  The decor was rustic chic and so unique.  And SO not what we expected!  The service was amazing, food was good – as I said – hidden gem!

The conference was just as amazing – so many awesome, talented, and of course NICE women there from all over the Midwest.  We came to the conference to represent Peach – I think we’ve talked to you all about Peach, right?  The bra biz?  Well, we literally measured and fitted over 50 women in 2 days, had countless bra-ha moments, and overall spread the Peach love far and wide in the midwest.  It felt SO GOOD!

Here are some pics of our wonderful weekend with GBS, we couldn’t think of a better conference to partner with!

Mollie, Bevin (Peach’s amazing Director of Field Development), and Erin hamming it up with balloons


Gorgeous Bevin delivering a much-tweeted about talk about the ABC’s of confidence!


A happy GBS attendee after getting fitted by Peach! Find this stylish Mom of 4 (!) on Instagram: @stylefromthesticks


Partners in crime at the absolute cutest (and tastiest) restaurant in downtown Des Moines: Magnolia Wine Kitchen




Look fun?  It is!  We can’t imagine our lives without Peach.  It has brought sisterhood, income, knowledge and FUN to our lives that we didn’t know was missing.  We’d LOVE to tell you more about it.

Comment or email either of us:

mollie@stylespies.com OR erin@stylespies.com

and be SURE to follow us on Insta!  @molliestylespies @erinstylespies


Dressing Room Files @ the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Last year we brought our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dressing room straight to our blog, and we’re doing it again.  You’ve seen a few of our favorite picks on our Instagram accounts and on our previous post, but here’s the full monty.

I should also mention this (and feel like maybe I should have mentioned this a LOOOOONG TIME AGO):  I am your average girl/woman/mom/daughter/sister/auntie.  I am a size 10.  Sometimes a 12 (my ‘girls’ often size me up, hehe).  I am not a size 2, of which I see A LOT of when I’m perusing super popular fashion blogs and instagram accounts.  I have no problem with any of those gals, but I also feel like there’s a gap out there in the world of fashion and style blogs.

There are a lot of size 2’s, AND a lot of plus sizes.  And thank goodness for that!  But what I DON’T see a lot of is the average-ish woman.  Either that, or she isn’t disclosing her size.  Which is also completely fine.  But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would make me feel more real to tell my readers what size I am.  Why?

Because here i am, posing in clothes, talking about why I love them and why you should too, and you’re sitting there thinking – would that look good on me?  What size is she, REALLY?  It’s SO hard to tell in a photo (where you can pose in JUST the right way to hide your wobbly bits!).

So there you have it.  Sure, would I love to lose some lbs?  Yes!  But do I enjoy chips and guacamole?  You better believe it.  And sugar….my extreme downfall.  I’ve had two children, and I love life.  I work out, I eat, I shop……I’m happy.  And that’s what it’s all about.

I’ll hop off my soapbox for today…….so for now, enjoy some of my favorite things from the #nsale!

Rag & Bone Sweater, AG Jeans
Trouve Leather Jacket, AG Jeans + my favorite Birkenstocks (not on the #nsale but still amazing.
Fedora by Phase 3 , only $19.90 on the #nsale!
Mock neck sleeveless tops are EVERYWHERE this season. They are PERFECT under a jacket and are so slimming when worn with a pendant! This one is by 1.State, and it’s $34 on the #nsale.
I love this structured yet comfortable open jacket from Caslon. It’s $37!!! Such a great piece to have in rotation. Put together……yet insanely comfy. Yay!
Another pic to talk about the cute mock neck top i’m wearing under the previous jacket. It’s by Ten Sixty, and it’s $21. I mean….please. It’s a must. Goes with everything, and the fabric is deliciously soft.


A leather jacket – in any form – is a MUST this season.
I’m obsessed with this #lbd from Topshop. It’s a knit, and super comfortable. Yet – super chic. Top it with a pendant of course, and some cute booties or wedges and you’re all set!
This sweater was so popular that it sold out. So….if you got it, yay! And if you didn’t….keep an eye out. Nordstrom might refresh their stock! It’s by Topshop, of course.



Happy Shopping friends!  Hope you find some things you LOVE, shop it all right here, or click thru from each picture!

Shop the #nsale with Style Spies

You all have been SO responsive on our Instagram feeds (@molliestylespies and @erinstylespies) to our #nsale posts, we HAD to put all of our favorites on the blog.  Keep in mind – Nordstrom refreshes their stock periodically on Anniversary sale items, so if there’s something you love but it’s out of your size today, check back tomorrow, they might get more in!

Shop the entire Anniversary Sale HERE, or browse through our picks below!

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