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I got my most recent Mark & Graham catalog over the weekend in the mail, and I must admit I have been having way too much fun with their new {free} tool online, the Monogram Maker.


You can make free monograms for your blog, your email signature, anything!

Here’s how:

1.   go to

2.  Play with fonts and color

3.  Enter your email, and they’ll send you your ‘mark!’  

4.  Share to Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.


Here are some of the monograms I played around with for Erin and I to sign off on our blog posts here at Style Spies:

monogram_2013-11-25_12-38-58 monogram_2013-11-25_12-40-46 monogram_2013-11-25_12-49-36




Do you have a favorite for us?  For you?  We’d love to know.

Speaking of favorites, there are a lot of other favorites of ours in the Mark and Graham catalog that would make amazing, personal gifts this holiday season.


Italian Leather Touchscreen Gloves, $115


Italian Leather Classic Gloves – Free personalization, $115


Acrylic Serving Tray, $59 (personalization in color as well)


Everyday Travel Pouch, $79 & $110


City and State necklaces, $150

 Signing off in Style,


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