♥ Conscious Cleanse COMPLETE ♥

Mollie and Erin completed the Conscious Cleanse  and can’t tell you enough great things about it …..


But here is what we can tell you!  In honor of the 14 day cleanse, here are 14 things we thought you should know!

1. Jules and Jo are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. – they were both not only knowledgable about their concept but real.  Being able to discuss not only the science behind the cleanse and their understanding of your love for chocolate – they have a balance that is appealing to everyone.

2. The recipes and food suggestions are a life changer. We are still making the soups, snacks and more … they are foods that we have incorporated into our daily lives. We love them, our husbands love them … and guess what, the kids love them. Enough said.

3. The support. It isn’t all fun and games to change things up for 14 days….but having the online support (through our Facebook cleanse group)  from people all over the world (yes, there were some people in other countries participating!) made it that much easier.  We were all going through the same thing but we did it together. When we (ok, Erin!) wanted those Hot Tamales, I posted it online and after the comments and support … they didn’t seem so appealing anymore!

4.  During the cleanse, in the book there is a chapter for each day.  So if you’re a rule follower, this is perfect.  There is a meal plan and daily suggestions to get through Day 1 through Day 14.

4. Feeling GREAT. Not good but great.  We both experienced so much energy and a natural ‘high’ that came from this cleanse.

5. The understanding of what our body likes and doesn’t like.  For Mollie, it became clear that her body isn’t a big fan of gluten.  That doesn’t mean for her that she’s suddenly going to go gluten-free, but for now she’s going to avoid it.  Not religiously, but it will be an experimentation in gluten-free foods.  For Erin, it was confirmed that dairy is a problem.  She has always suspected this but it is clear as day … Erin + Dairy = Not Good.  She didn’t eat a ton of dairy but will be making different choices now.

6.  It’s ok if you slip up.  14 days is a long time – and inevitably there are going to be times when you can’t miss a work dinner, or a get together for a friend’s birthday.  Jo & Jules made sure we all knew that if you ate something NOT on the cleanse, you forgive yourself, and move on.  Don’t look back, always look forward.

7.  There is support on the flipside.  Once the cleanse is over, Jo and Jules discuss ways to keep eating clean, change your way of life through food, and stay on the path!  Their book ‘the Conscious Cleanse’ is super handy for this, complete with recipes and advice.

8. It helped us ease off the sugar.  Both of us LOVE ourselves some candy and chocolate (see our post ‘A Sugar Situation’) and there is nothing like 14 days when it’s just not allowed.  It helped us see how much we don’t need it – and that it’s definitely more mental than physical.

9.  Mind over matter.  Jo & Jules cleanse program helped with the realization that we CAN do this.  We CAN change our eating habits for the better, it’s all about putting your mind to something and making the decision to change.  Not changing is certainly easier, yes, but are any of life’s big achievements?

10.  Favorite recipe: Mollie – hands down the Curried Carrot Soup.  Just made a fresh batch over the weekend!  Amazing that it’s SO creamy but without ANY cream.  Just veggies, curry, salt and pepper, and vegetable broth.  It’s a perfect fall-weather soup.

11.  Favorite Recipe: Erin - hands down the Joy Balls. To satisfy the sweet tooth this was a little bit heaven (or joy!) in a ball. A little bit of nuts, dates and almond butter and you have yourself a delicious snack.

12. Losing a Few Pounds. We both know that we lost a few pounds but our tummies were flatter and the jeans felt a little bit loose!

13. Sleep.  Call us crazy but we slept soundly during the cleanse.  Coincidence? We don’t think so.

14. New Beginnings. This is only the beginning for us.  We learned a lot, we asked a lot of questions and we are ready to take the cleanse with us.  Day by day, choice by choice.  The Conscious Cleanse was just the beginning.



Thank you Jules & Jo … for a life changing 14 days!

Wanna give it a try?? The next cleanse is Nov. 2nd and we hope you try it … you won’t be disappointed.

As Jo and Jules say …

Peace. Love. Health.

Signing off in Style (Cleanse Style),

Erin & Mollie

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