Conscious Cleanse, Day 4. A sugar situation.


Me, day 1 of the cleanse.

I am obsessed with sugar. I can’t believe that it has taken me my entire life until this week to realize that yes, I am a sugar addict.  I like  little sweetener in everything – my tea, coffee, my smoothies – and of course I NEED to have a treat every night after dinner.  Nothing crazy, but a little dark chocolate or a few malted milk balls will usually do the trick.  Erin and I (for those of you new readers to the Style Spies blog, we are long-time friends and co-founders of SS, and both doing the cleanse) can probably both cop to a sugar situation.  When we lived together in Chicago right after college, we had a ‘hot tamale situation.’  On a very fun trip to Hawaii together, we had a ‘junior mint situation.’  Erin, don’t pee in your pants laughing about the junior mint on the plane, because I’m smiling just typing about it.  And now my situations are probably these:  Gummi bears, malted milk balls, dark chocolate bars.

I think that ‘s the biggest ‘step’ for me in this conscious cleanse process.  Eliminating sugar (not completely, just during the cleanse) from a lot of my diet and being more aware (I wanted to use the word conscious but that felt a little cheesy, ha) of what goes in my mouth and therefore into my body.  As I type this, I would love some sweets, but is that just procrastination talking of not wanting to pay bills, clean up the office, or do any other of my many household duties?  Possibly?????


Enough about my sugar situation, let me tell you how the rest of the cleanse has gone for me:  GREAT.  I really, truly love it.  I feel less bloated (but a little headachey, thank you sugar), have great energy, and have slept well.  I am cooking healthier (as a result) for my kids, which makes me so happy and proud of myself.  Most of all though – I love the supportive emails from Jo and Jules, I love love love the Facebook group, and I am really loving these recipes!

First let’s start with the emails. Everyday I wake up to a motivating email from the girls.  It’s a great way to start the day – once i’ve read it, I feel good and on-track for the day.

Second, the Conscious Cleanse Facebook group.  I mean, this is the BEST idea ever.  I have done a couple of mini-cleanses on my own before, and they have gone ok.  But what I was lacking there was the SUPPORT!  And this FB group is exactly what I need.  To be able to post what I ate, if I liked it, see what others are doing, and feel a sense of community in what I’m doing is essential.  I didn’t know I was missing it before but after the cleanse is over I’m going to miss these fellow cleansers!!  To see other people’s successes and failures in this process is important – otherwise I think all of us would be thinking ‘Am I the only one DYING for a chocolate bar right now??’

Third, the recipes.  I was a little (ok, A LOT) wary of the recipes in the book.  I was sincerely worried I’d be eating tasteless chicken and unsalted green beans all day long.  Oh yeah, and gnawing on a carrot stick dipped in…..quinoa.  I know YOU want to know, what recipes have I tried and LOVED?

To start, my two breakfast favorites (so far) are the Hearty Love Smoothie & the Better-than-yogurt Chia pudding.  Today i topped my chia pudding with blueberries which was super tasty.  Here’s my first attempt at the Hearty Love Smoothie:


 In the ‘dips and sauces’ section of your book, I have made both the Kalamata Olive Tapenade, and the Zucchini Hummus.  I have yet to pick up the chips recommended for dipping, so today i’m snacking on both of these with carrots.  They are delicious, full of flavor and make me happy to eat!


Onto ‘Veggie Dishes,‘ last night I made the Marinated Portobello Mushrooms.  I simply put them on a bed of chopped up romaine lettuce.  SUPER YUMMY.  And so filling I couldn’t finish them, so I had the rest for lunch today.  I failed to take a picture – I was so excited to eat this deliciousness I must have forgotten. But trust me, if you are a mushroom-fan, you will love this easy dish.

Also under ‘Veggie Dishes’, I made the Vegetable Medley Stir Fry a couple nights ago.  I didn’t have all of the ingredients recommended, so i subbed in a couple of items that conscious cleanse approved, and then served it with a mixture of brown rice and quinoa.  Filling and tasty.  But not as good as the mushrooms.  :-)


Finally, let me introduce you to what is currently saving my sugar cravings from getting totally out of control:  Protein Packed Almond Butter Balls (found in the ‘Snacks’ portion of recipes).  Seemingly sent from up above, I heart these.  The hard part?  Not eating them all at once.  Gahhhhh!


Tonight I might attempt to make the Joy Balls to snack on, as well as the Curried Carrot Soup everyone is talking about.  In the meantime I’m going to try *not* to think about how I really want a sweetened black iced tea from Starbucks right now.  Hmpf.

Signing off in Conscious Cleanse Style,

Mollie (& Erin)

4 thoughts on “Conscious Cleanse, Day 4. A sugar situation.

  1. ashley

    The almond butter balls are saving my life right now too! I totally have noticed how I try and make up for the lack of sugar during the cleanse with the sugariest healthy cleanse-approved foods I can find – fruit. Fresh figs are my latest situation. What I’ve noticed is that I’ve created such a mentally attached relationship to sugar that even though I have fine alternatives and I’m not really CRAVING any particular sweet treat, it’s the ritual I’ve created around consuming sweet treats that is driving me nuts. I just want my Starbucks Chai latte!! Great job so far on the cleanse! Keep us posted on your progress.

  2. Patent Box lawyer

    Best of luck with your cleanse — all those foods look absolutely delicious. Do you think there’s an effect on the body from eating artificial sweeteners? Sometimes I get a kind of sugar high and then a sugar crash but after eating only sweeteners.

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