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 Happy Friday!  We are excited to introduce you all to Anna, our Miami Style Spy, via her first blog post with us.  Read on to find out how she stays stylish on a budget – and how she helps her clients too!


I have been fortunate enough to have an eye for fashion, but not as fortunate to spend as much as I wanted on clothes so I had to find a way to recycle my unwanted once fabulous items for new on trend soon to be loved ones… and I did! Post two babies I decided to sell all my maternity clothes (those were my first to go!) and then all my pre mommy outfits that unfortunately were either inappropriate or dated. With all my earnings, I bought my self some super cute outfits without breaking the bank! I am now helping fellow mommies to do the same! But all women (and men for that matter!) can enjoy this service. I just need you to need me to do this for you! My first mommy makeover is my gorgeous greek friend Eleanna Taligaris. She has just had her first baby, a beautiful baby girl who is now 6 months old and it was time to rid of all the maternity clothes and old outfits and get some to dress her new body and lifestyle. This is Eleanna in my favorite outfit we purchased for her.


Eleanna in my favorite easy go to mommy outfit.

Eleanna in my favorite easy go to mommy outfit.

This is perfect for your everyday life, whether its running errands or playing with her baby at the park, Eleanna looks effortless and stylish. Outfit composed of a black jersey tank top, animal print high low skirt, and coral ballet flats. Throw a denim jacket on top and a pair of gold cuffs for some warmth and extra style. And for the nights that the babysitter comes over to watch your precious one, upgrade those coral flats into something fabulous like these coral suede ankle strap pants and a fun bib necklace and voila! Instant glam!

Gorgeous suede coral ankle strap wedges.

Gorgeous suede coral ankle strap wedges

Gold Bib Necklace

Gold Bib Necklace











Obsessed with these Gold Cuffs! Wear one in each arm!

Obsessed with these Gold Cuffs! Wear one on each arm!

These are some more outfits that we purchased for Eleanna that are just as easy and fun to wear.


Here they each are close up:

First outfit pictured is a semi sheer chiffon animal print blouse paired with mauve skinnies and a braided brown belt. I also really love the animal print blouse tucked in the red peplum skirt featured in the second outfit. Another look I love is the white blouse featured in third outfit over the mauve skinnies. Something about the lightness of this outfit speaks ethereal.


Second outfit is the above mentioned red peplum skirt paired with a navy/white polka dot cap sleeve top. Both items are made of this super comfortable and stretchy fabric so it feels as comfortable as wearing a pair of jeans and a tee but looks way more fashionable! Anything nautical and anything peplum is so in right now! The combination of the two trends totally work in this outfit since the colors (navy, white and red) and patterns (polka dot) are so classic.


 Last outfit is also the above mentioned white blouse with black collar and pear details (also so in right now!) with a pair of mint trousers that have studded details along pockets. The embellished neckline can be achieved by simply adding a collar necklace like the ones below to your favorite white (or any other color) button down blouse.


The next outfit is one we just picked up as we quickly breezed by Forever 21 with babies in tow. This romantic yellow lace dress really spoke to Eleanna. It is actually really comfortable on since its lined with cotton and I am dying for her to wear this on our next playdate with this gorgeous necklace for a little punch of color and a little more flare. Finish off with a pair of nude flats and will be the envy of the playground!

40480041-04 25504131-02

And theeeeeeeese are some of her old outfits that we cleaned out of her closet that were no longer desired, or needed (maternity clothes), or were just outdated. We turned  dowdy into stylish!!!!!!

IMG_6435 IMG_6476 IMG_6415IMG_6414IMG_6977

This is just the beginning of my journey revamping Eleanna’s closet. There are still a lot of oldies we need to sell and plenty of goodies we need to buy! Stay tuned!

Signing off in Style from Miami,


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