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Chicago Fashionista,  Alana W

Today’s open closet is a bit of a departure.  We wanted to feature one of our client’s closets.  No, she doesn’t write a blog (yet), she doesn’t have kids (yet), nor any pets (yet).  BUT, let me tell you, this girl has a FABULOUS closet.  I can’t speak highly enough of Alana’s taste.  While she may need a little help in the purging and organizing department (but not much, and don’t we all?), she does NOT need help shopping.  She’s also a fantastic deal-finder, especially with designer items.  Designer items when on sale can be tricky – sometimes they’re real losers, but other times if you have a true eye for style and classics, getting in on a good designer is the best.  And that’s what Alana is great at.

You may remember Alana from a Client Confidential we did on her a few months back.  She loves Chanel, Lanvin, and YSL, but also J Crew.  She’s a true city girl, born and raised in Chicago, and lives there today with her hubby in a beautiful 4 story walk up.  You would all really be missing out if I didn’t take some pictures of her recent project – this room is adjacent to her kitchen and kind of a ‘hang out’ area to read, watch TV, or nosh on snacks and wine.  I’m OBSESSED with what she’s done, and can’t wait to see the rest of the first floor (to be continued, of course).



A lot of the artwork is from Etsy, and many of the frames are from Ikea.  These thrifty finds are a nice balance with the custom grey couch, drapes and pillows.  Lucky for Alana, one of her besties is an interior designer here in the city, Wendy Labrum.


This mirrored coffee table is delicious as well; full of fashion books and personality.

To read more about her and our interview with her, click here.  But for the rest of today, we’re going to focus on her closet.  Lucky for you!


A sprinkling of Alana’s jewelry; some of her favorite go-to pieces.  David Yurman, Tory Burch and Hermes, oh my!


Up close and personal with Alana’s shoe collection, shall we say.  Notice that this girl isn’t afraid to mix it up:  paisley, blue velvet, gold sparkle, leopard print, and a rose gold mirrored heel.  If this isn’t inspiration to branch out beyond your black patent leather pumps, what is???!!!


What else isn’t Alana afraid of?  Sporting a fabulous printed pant.  What a pretty collection to walk into every morning!


This, my friends, is Alana’s impressive collection of dresses.  With these beauties to choose from – labels ranging from DKNY to Theory to Milly to Tory Burch – she really can’t declare ‘I have nothing to wear!’  Well……yes she can.  We all have those moments, right?


Isn’t this picture delicious?  I asked Miss A to pick three of her most favorite bags for me to photograph.  A hard thing for a self professed bag-snob to do, but here they are in no particular order.  A Chloe, a Burberry, and a Lanvin.  Which is your favorite?

IMG_1117Here is that shoe personality I was talking about.  5 amazing pairs of shoes I pulled out of her closet (and currently coveting all for me, I wish we wore the same size!):

L-R:  YSL cognac platforms, Christian Louboutin calfhair leopard wedges, Valentino sparkle low-heel mary janes, Tory Burch black boots & navy satin and velvet heels.


Here just an assortment of sweaters and denim/slacks.  We’re loving the cargo skinnies – balance them out with the Tory Burch cream colored cardigan on the shelf above (the one with the black piping) and a pair of orange colored flats.  Cute, right?

IMG_1105Not one to colorize, but notice EVERYTHING is on black velvet hangers.  Taking good care of good clothes – well done!

After seeing Alana’s closet – wouldn’t you LOVE to get dressed in there every morning?

Notes to take from this superb shopper:

*don’t be afraid to mix it up!  Basics are a necessity, but just as much as statement pieces are.

*take care of your clothes.  use velvet hangers, fold things nicely, keep a clothing steamer handy (there’s one hiding in the background in one of these pictures) for last minute moments.

*shop designer sales!  you can really score some great pieces/shoes/handbags if you know what to look for and buy classics.

Thanks Alana SO MUCH for letting us share your closet with our readers.  I know they enjoyed a peek in there just as much as I enjoyed helping you organize!

Signing off in style,

Mollie & Erin

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