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Over the past couple of months we’ve been lucky enough to get to know (via phone and internet of course) Natalie from Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers.  Her blog is one I’ve been following since the inception of my first foray into the blogging world (Mascara Meets Matchbox), and though she’s only been blogging since 2010, she has a huge blog following and is one of OUR favorite reads.  Why do we love her (and everyone else)?  She’s a funny, down to earth and stylish Mommy who gets personal.  Take the name of her blog – doesn’t that say it  ALL?  Upon entering into motherhood myself, that’s what it’s all about – merging your old self (designer bags) with your new (dirty diapers)!!

Natalie of Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers, and her Hubby

her little boy Sterling – no longer a diaper wearer, yay!


Natalie, we are a huge fan of your blog (and it’s moniker).  Tell us why you decided to start a blog, why you think it resonates so well with your fans?

I started my blog in the summer of 2010 right after my son Sterling was born.  I had recently stopped working so it was a fun creative outlet for me plus a way for me to document all my son’s milestones.  What I think people like about my blog is two things.  1) I am very honest and keep things real.  I am not afraid to share an embarrassing story and let people into my life.  2)  I don’t focus on any one topic. I talk about anything from fashion, family, home décor and food.  I personally like to read blogs like that don’t have any specific focus.  I have so many interests so why focus on just one.

Since a lot of your posts revolve around fashion, do tell:  Who are your top three designers/labels? 

My top three designers that I always look for are Tibi (shop Tibi HERE), Joie (shop Joie HERE), and Diane Von Furstenberg shop DVF HERE).  They really represent my style.  I try to find them on sale of course but they are all well made items.  Very femine with a twist.

Tell us about your love of fashion – how did it start?  what were your influences in fashion from an early age?

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember!  I think I was born with a taste for fashion.  When I was a child I remember I was always sketching outfit designs.  In middle school and high school I kept a running calendar where I documented everything I wore so I never wore the same outfit twice- no joke.

My grandmother was one of the most stylish ladies I knew.  She was always put together and I think I get a lot of my love for fashion and style from her.  She always wore make-up and the perfect outfit.  After she passed away I was lucky enough to inherit some of her clothes and jewelry.  I even got her wedding band which I wear everyday stacked with my wedding ring, such a special reminder of my grandmother.

I also get a lot of influence from fashion magazines.  I have been subscribing to all the fashions magazines since I think I was 11 or 12. I think I get like 10 magazines every month!  My favorites today are Bazaar, Instyle, and Vogue.

Onto the present – what influences your fashion/clothing choices today?

Today I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs, pinterest (visit Natalie’s Pinterest boards HERE), celebrities, and tv shows.  The world of blogging has really introduced me to a lot of stylish ladies that I admire and get fashion ideas from.   Gossip Girl was my favorite tv show for the clothes! I was always wanting to copy what Serena was wearing.  Celebrity wise I love Gwyneth Paltrow and Olivia Palermo’s style.  I am always trying to recreate looks I have seen on them!

Is there anything in your closet that you would consider a collection?  Maybe something you’ll hand down to the next generation someday?  

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a blouse collector/hoarder!  I am obsessed with blouses.  They are my favorite thing to buy and wear!  My daily uniform is skinny jeans and a blouse!  I also own a few nice designer bags that if I ever have a daughter will be passed to her or Sterling’s wife.

What is your most coveted piece in your closet?

Hmm this is a hard one but probably one of my grandmothers old dresses.  It is from the 1950’s but still stylish today.  I love it because it was hers so it has special meaning to me.  Plus the color combo is crazy amazing it is brown, hot pink and royal blue.


Biggest splurge/biggest steal? 

Biggest splurge is definitely all my purses.  Every few years I like to invest in a new kick ass bag.  They are expensive but I carry them everyday so I figure I get my money’s worth.  Currently I am carrying a Gucci Tote.



Biggest steal is a Missoni (shop Missoni HERE) Dress I got on crazy sale a few years ago.  It is a sweater dress so sadly in Charleston I don’t get to wear it often but I still love it.



We know you are a good cook – your blog and instagram are full of mouth watering foods you cook up for your beautiful family.  Do you have an all-time favorite recipe that is your signature dish?

I don’t really have a signature dish.  I like to try out so many new recipes,  I am not known for anyone thing.  But a family favorite that I make all the time is our Seafood Lasagna.  It is creamy goodness filled with shrimp and crab.  Probably one of my husbands favorite meals that I make.


Favorite place to eat in Charleston?

My current favorite place to eat in Charleston is The MacIntosh.  The menu is innovative and I have never been disappointed with a meal there!  Last two times I ate there I had the braised short rib ravioli and it was amazing.

My favorite hole in the wall is Dellz Deli (no website)- I am obsessed with their black bean hummus wrap.  It is out of this world good.


Favorite vacation destination?

Any beach!  Funny because we live at the beach but I am such a beach girl.  I love to lay on the beach, read a good book and sip some delicious cocktails.  That is my idea of a fabulous vacation.  Favorite beach is by far St Johns.  We went there on our honeymoon and I can’t wait to go back!


{Natalie’s Closet}

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for……..a peek into Natalie’s closet.  A stylish Mama she may be, and that kind of style takes organization.

Limited space, but Natalie makes the most of it.  Dresses all hung together, bags on the doors (and visible, very important), 2 tiers of hanging goodies for both blouses and pants, and shoes lined up on the floor.  Notice the velvet flocked hangers – these are the best for your clothes for them to maintain longevity.

Another view

In a separate closet, Natalie keeps her collection of dresses, flats & sandals, and clutches.  What we LOVE about this is that she is definitely not afraid to wear color and fun prints!!  Fun to look at in the closet and on her I’m sure!

Just a little love for the TB flats here…… ;-)

What have the past few seasons taught us?  Bootie love.  You can wear them year round and they go with EVERYTHING.  Well done, Nat.

So much color + gold, I want to shop her accessories.  Notice it’s all out and available to wear – this is SO important when organizing your things.  Find ways to display your accessories or they’ll be forgotten and you’ll end up wearing the same stuff day in and out.

Such a pretty jewelry box and tabletop.

Finally, a girl needs her space to get ready.  We love the mixed media of the zebra chair, mirrored dressing table, and gold mirror.

Natalie, we heart your style, your blog, and your closet(s)!  Thank you SO MUCH for letting us feature you on our ‘Open Closet’ series!  Style Spies fans, make sure to click over to Natalie’s blog and her Pinterest page to be further inspired…..

Signing off in Style,

Mollie & Erin

12 thoughts on “Open Closet : Natalie from Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers

    1. styl0421 Post author

      Right? Want to live in a place where I can wear more Maxi dresses – not just July and August!! Thanks for coming by Megan! Beautiful blog.

  1. Kyle

    I loved this feature with Natalie! DBDD is one of the first blogs that I ever followed. Natalie has a great style sense, and I truly enjoy reading her posts each day. Thanks for the glimpse into her fabulous closet. Loving all the colors, patterns and that vintage dress! : )

  2. Megan

    I LOVE how she displays all of her beautiful accessories!! I need to buy something like that to store all of my bangles! Also, jealous of all those TB flats!!


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