Instagram is my new Facebook


A photo from my Instagram account – ‘molliespies’

I have found myself, in moments of calm, checking my Instagram account on my phone much more oftten than my Facebook.   Anyone else been doing this?  As much as I still do love Facebook, there’s something about just looking at pictures to inspire you rather than words.  Seeing what other people are doing, wearing, finding out there, all across the country – all through a picture.

So, I thought I’d share a few of the users I’ve recently come across on Instagram just in case ya’ll are like me.


First up:  ’B_Soup’

Lots of personal style and ideas you can steal to jazz up your wardrobe; Bethany also has a blog that will have you mixing and matching prints and colors you never would have dreamed in no time.

Her blog:

Next up:  ’cozycomfycouture

Fashionista turned domestic goddess after she tied the knot is how Dominique DeLaney describes herself.  She has adorable style, and  I also enjoy the pictures of her cute pup!  She has a lot of self-taken pictures of her outfit of the day (love this) as well as a lot of interior design pictures/inspiration.

Her blog:

Third: ‘yourstylescout

Our very own Melanie Knopke (our KC Style Spy) is always inspiring me via Instagram.  Somehow she has mastered the whole ‘do your nails, then artfully hold the bottle of polish and showcase your work’ thing.  She has a nice mix of fun finds while out shopping from baby and kids stuff to mommy and home stuff.

Her Blog:

 Fourth: ‘whhostess

Kelly Lyden is the Editor of the lifestyle + entertaining blog ‘The Party Dress’, designer of the social stationery shop ‘WH Hostess’, and creator of Cake Plate Clings.  She does it all – and lives in my neighborhood!  Need new stationary?  Have a birthday party, wedding shower, or baby shower to throw?  Go to Kelly’s instagram, blog, and website to be inspired!!!  She’s uber talented at making your party stylishly personal.  Or personally stylish.  ;-)

Her blog:

Finally:  ’snoopnattynat’

Natalie’s signature pose in front of the mirror capturing what she’s put together for the day is what I look forward to!  She’s always got something cute on, and accessorizes to a T.  This girl is also ALWAYS cooking – and it ALWAYS looks delish.  Makes me want to uphold my new years resolution of cooking more for my family!

Her Blog:

Need more style inspiration via Instagram?  Here are some of my other favorites:





Signing off in style,

Mollie & Erin

2 thoughts on “Instagram is my new Facebook

  1. Marla

    Yes ma’am! I am in total agreement! I am thinking about throwing in the towel and only using instagram. Also thinking about throwing in the towel on my blog too…


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