GIFT ALERT: field & field

Beware … SALE ALERT for Style Spies Fans!

Our good friends over at field & field have been gracious enough to give Style Spies a special offer for the holiday season! A 20% STOREWIDE offer, now we’re talking.

field & field is an AWESOME company that makes equestrian-inspired leather products – the perfect gift for this holiday season.  They had the brilliant idea to reach out to saddle manufacturers (which by the way, is some of the most beautiful leather out there!) that had piles of leather scraps waiting to be thrown out – they took those scraps and started making beautiful products.  Brilliant.

Why do we love Field & Field –  1.  They  took something they loved and turned into their business    2.  Each and every piece is uniquely crafted   3. They believe in being socially and environmentally responsible   4. Their bags are pretty darn fabulous.

How cute is this …

 Mills $65

This is perfect to throw in my oversized bag to keep my receipts, credit cards and more.

And this …

Knight $110

Love the carmel color. YUMMY.

A little secret for you … Every bag is named after a family member or trainer they have ridden for over the years.

So make sure to visit field & field and use the code STYLESPIES20 to get 20% off all orders until Christmas!  Pick your favorite and HURRY … they won’t last long!

Happy Holidays from field & field.

Signing off in Style,

Erin & Mollie

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