Raising Style

We all have those women in our life that just know how to dress.  Whether we noticed them in the 3rd grade or High School or have just run into them at the park, their sense of style is authentic, inspired, expressive and always draws attention.

what I love- denim shorts over tights, studded black ankle boots, eggplant colored purse

what i love- hot pink cardigan, patterned skirt, taupe shoes

I asked 2 women in my life whose style I admire, when and how did it start for them?  The answers seemed simple.  They were young, given hand me downs to recreate something out of, and when they were finally able to pick out their own clothes, they were given the freedom to explore colors, textures and lots of mismatching of patterns.  The inspiration was music, friends/family and those ever famous window displays.


my friend Callie Karvelis- in this picture she’s pregnant and adorable, style- bohemian chic, never trendy but always put together

my friend Gayle Skidmore-  amazing musician, singer/songwriter

style- eclectic, indie, vintage inspired, thrifty

So, back to the point of this whole blog.  I have a toddler and for awhile she only wanted to wear pink stretch pants, hello kitty t-shirts and crocs- I thought that phase would never end.  Now she is exploring more girly things like tutu’s, dresses, barrettes, jewelry and sparkly shoes!  She is dressing herself and becoming more independent.

 There are times when I say to myself NO WAY is she wearing that out in public and then I remember those stylish women who have stood out in my lifetime. They have confidence in putting outfits together and I want to instill that in my daughter as well.  As long as it’s age, body and weather appropriate, anything goes.  It has become more and more fun every day to see what she comes up with.

my daughter Sydney Carreras- layers, tutu skirt, sparkle shoes

style- playful, sparkly, comfortable

Signing off in style from San Diego,

Tina Carreras


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