Our Holiday Gift – to YOU!

The holidays are no longer just approaching, they are HERE.  Yikes!

Family get togethers, office parties, and holiday balls all call for a little glitz, glam and overall impeccable style.

So our question is – does this thought stress you out?  Do you have NOTHING to wear?  Or do you think you have NOTHING to wear?

Style Spies can help.  

Our holiday offer.

Email this blog post to your hubby, your best friends, or gift this to yourself.  Either way, don’t pass it up if some help personal shopping, styling, or closet consulting is something you’ve been wanting or needing for a long time!

If you live in Chicago – contact mollie@stylespies.com

If you live in Houston – contact erin@stylespies.com

If you live in Kansas City - contact melanie@stylespies.com

If you live in San Diego – contact tina@stylespies.com

If you live in the LA area – contact syreetarose@stylespies.com

All of us would LOVE to hear from you…..

Happy Holidays!

Erin, Mollie, Melanie, Tina & Syreeta

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