Mother + Daughter Jewelry?

It’s hard to do this right. Mother/daughter jewelry that both mother and daughter actually want to wear.  Usually, it’s one way or the other – too juvenile for Mom, or too expensive for daughter to wear everyday.

Gorjana, who is known for her simplistic everyday styles but with a polished and chic esthetic, has made this tough combination work.  We were SO excited to try out Mini + Me, given that we both have daughters who love jewelry just like us!

You’ve probably already seen Erin’s post with her daughters on the Mini + Me collection, and today is my turn.  My little G and I had so much fun shooting this jewelry and having matching necklaces and bracelets.  Her little face lit up when I told her we’d be doing some pictures – just the two of us.



Clearly, this last one is my favorite.  Nothing better than a silly 5 year old!

This is the best gift – to yourself, to your daughter, a pair of sisters, or for your Mom!  There’s a turquoise option too – shop the entire Mini + Me collection right here:

And, G & me are both wearing J.Crew (of course).  Here are our dresses:

Gorjana Mini + Me Just in Time for Mother’s Day

We wanted to wish all of you Mom’s out there a VERY Happy Mother’s Day!

My girls were SO excited to get these new items from Gorjana Mini + Me Collection –

They love that they get to match their mommy (which makes my heart smile!).

(Ella) Top, Shorts (Costco, really!), Shoes ~ (Erin) Skirt, Shoes  ~ (Violet) Top, Shorts (Costco), Shoes

The could not put them on fast enough and have worn them every day since.

Motherhood is hard, let’s be honest. Everyone has told me since my girls were babies that the days are long and the years are short – they are right.

It is hard to really see that picture when you are covered in food, exhausted and trying to get through just one day at a time.

But I look at my girls – at the mere ages of 6 and 8 and have never felt such a love for a human being.   I, like all of you, plead for the clock to slow down but know that I must try and relish every long day.

As we have worn these bracelets the past few days – I found myself smiling see how we were connected with a sparkle or splash of pink!

Talk about the ultimate gift for all those ‘mini me’s’ in your life!!!

And please, don’t let my babies grow up…


Enjoy your weekend … and Happy Mother’s Day!

Want to shop these looks?

Summer Sandal Collabs at Target. We approve.

While wandering through Target sans kids the other day, I happened upon the shoe section. And, well, I’m glad I did.  And I’m sure, after what I spent, Target is too!  As usual, it’s hard to get out of there for me under $100, but at least it was over $100 well spent, right?

Target collaborated with both Dolce Vita and Sam & Libby this season for shoes, and they hit it out of the park.  Even their Mossimo and Merona sandals are amazing!  The picture below is what came home with me, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be back for a few more pairs.  Nothing I bought was over $30 – in fact, most of them were around $24.99.

Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 10.20.07 AM


Here, Style Spies favorites (for the moment, until they come out with more, ha!):

Glam Closet Inspiration

I’m in the process of ‘glamming’ up my closet.  I cannot WAIT to show you the finished product.  In the meantime, i thought I’d show you how it looks now:

Before Closet Pic

This is my side of the closet – I share it with my husband.  I’m telling you that because it can’t be too girly.  I found these light grey benches at Home Goods last year – they were a steal!  I LOVE them!  Perfect for putting your shoes on, yanking tight jeans up, hahahhaa.  The rug under there is just there so the benches don’t slide…….for the meantime.

Now, for the makeover.  I found some AMAZING leopard print carpet that a friend wasn’t going to use (!!!!!), and am having it made into a rug.  I literally cannot WAIT until it’s ready.  One more week!  Here’s it is:



I also want to do some fabulous lighting, but that’s going to have to wait until my next paycheck.  So, I’ll DEFINITELY post some pics of the finished product, but for now, here is some amazing closet inspiration that i’ve been perusing, via Pinterest.

Follow Style Spies {Mollie Milano}’s board Glam Closet on Pinterest.

Wear It Wednesday – The Ballet Wrap

Mollie and I are super excited about Peach’s new item, the ballet wrap!

We quickly discovered there are SO many ways to wear this item … and excited to show you how we both wore it differently.

A ballet wrap is great for all body types, it gives us definition where we need it and can be worn so many ways! This peach item is so yummy, you can’t get enough of it and it’s both dressy and casual, the perfect combination.

Here is how we decided to show this wrap – two different body types, same piece!

On Erin, knotted in the back with a  pair of wide leg pants to balance out this look:


And on Mollie, this is the ideal piece to tie over this perfect maxi dress for spring!


You could even leave this open to drop down over any fitted top as well – it is genius, just in time for spring!

The YUMMY material makes this a staple piece in your wardrobe and an essential item for this new weather!

If you know Mollie and I – you know we have a hard time not being silly and laughing when we are together, that’s what lifelong friends do!

Here’s an outtake to our fun day of shooting in Miami…


Ballet Wrap, Pants, Dress

Cheers to a new season and a new favorite item!


Spotlight: Shabby Apple Maxi Dress

Spring is on it’s way, hurray hurray!  This weekend in the Northeast was beautiful, and we were all outside enjoying the fresh air.  It has me thinking maxi dresses, flip flops, and sunscreen!!  However, it’s going to be a few weeks here {at least!} until we can actually wear our maxi dresses in that particular way.

This outfit is all about wearing a maxi dress – in the spring.  Depending on where you live, Spring can mean many things weather wise.  Most places, it’s all about layering.  Warm-ish during the day, cool (or cold!) at night.

To accessorize your maxi dress this season, it’s all about boots or booties, a cute hat, shades, and a vest. See my choices above. This particular maxi dress is from Shabby Apple.  If you haven’t heard of it, go there right now!  Affordable, cute and on-trend, it’s our go-to site for dresses.








Earrings by Stella & Dot……click thru photo to find similar!


We are such fans of Shabby Apple, here are a few more of our FAVORITE maxi dresses from them.

PS.  What am I wearing underneath?  Peach, of course!  Find out more HERE.

PPS.  Photo credit to Luanne Kelly Photography

My Favorite Hair Tools

Some people have a favorite lipstick (ok, I have that too!) – I have a favorite hair tool!

I cannot live without my Bombshell wand. I repeat – I cannot live without it. Forget the straightening iron, this thing is magic.


I have the thickest and the straightest hair imaginable, true! Let’s be honest, we always want what we don’t have, right?!

The older I get (gasp!) and after each child, I noticed the texture of my hair changed .. so enter, the Sultra Bombshell. This curling iron is HOT (temperature wise, beware…there’s a reason it comes with the glove – I have mastered it at this point but don’t try this at home!) but it’s the easiest and fastest way I can manage my hair. A little secret, I am a 20 minute gal, ask my husband! I am usually waiting on him! I do wash my hair at night, so that saves me a HUGE amount of time. I wash it every 4-5 days (for real), use my Wet Brush which is my girls favorite brush too (no tangles) and I sleep with a wet head.

How to use it? There is a little secret I discovered … It’s all in the way you hold it.

I start in the very front and always hold pointing down. Work around your head, always taking a small section and wrap it around the barrel.

 035   037

When you pull the curl off, pull the barrel straight up, allowing your curl to ‘fall off’ the curling iron.

Same on the other side, always twirling the hair away from your face …

I, then in fancy terms, ‘scrunch’ my  hair … never pulling out the curl. Spray with my favorite Moroccan Oil hairspray. And voila! Fancy hair that lasts for DAYS. The curl looks even better the next day and the just amount of hairspray makes for a full, textured bun when I have hit my limit!


Add a litt lipstick … and ready for my new headshot!


So, there you have it … my favorite tools for my hair. Simple and easy … stay tuned for more beauty tricks!


Photos by Maddy Fanning Photography

Nordstrom Shoe Sale: Our top picks.

So many sale shoes at Nordstrom right now, so little time to pore through the pages of options.  So – we did if for you!  Here, our favorites.

STYLE SPIES Approved.  You can thank us when you get the box in the mail, and get your first compliment.

As always, Happy Shopping!


Work Chic

Working in the fashion industry, everyone is always wearing the latest trends.  It’s almost easier to figure out what to wear when you’re ‘in it’ on a daily basis.  But, when you’re not surrounded by clothes/jewelry/shoes all day long, your work outfit can get a little dull, right?  Same old black pants, sweater, blouse combo.

We thought we’d show you how we spiced up what you might wear to work if you’re business casual.  This whole outfit (minus the accessories) came from Banana Republic and the Gap.  It’s easy to pull a few trends from stores that won’t break the bank, and that you can move on from next year.


This blouse & vest combo is from Banana, and the skinny burgundy jeans are from the Gap.  If jeans won’t work at your job, you can easily replace these with a slim fitted pant of any kind in a lightweight wool or crepe fabric.


We paired the outfit with a sparkly glitter pump from J Crew for some color and fun.

If you look closely enough, the print on the blouse isn’t a dot – it’s tiny skulls.  LOVE!


My Chanel carryall is my go-to work bag, it fits my laptop, papers, my wallet, and has plenty of pockets for lipstick and all the rest of things i ‘need’ during the day.  😉


Had to.  One more shot of the J.Crew glitter pumps.  We can’t get enough of them.

Shop the look here!

Photo credit:  Luanne Kelly Photography


Happy Wednesday?

I love this time of year for so many reasons. The ‘storm’ is over after the holidays and it’s SALE time for most stores!!

Remember when Mollie and I hit the streets of NYC for some serious shopping?

It’s time to do it again … and with better deals!

My  top 3 favorites?


If you know me, you know I have this blazer in every color. Only $45 people. (Normally $150). And yes, I just bought one more (just in case!)

J. CREW Strappy Sandals

The perfect sparkle shoe to go with EVERYTHING – see Mollie’s above? GORGEOUS.

CHELSEA 28 Sequin Pants

And lastly. I want this whole outfit. I have been kicking myself I didn’t get these pants over the holidays. Now I can for under $50. Who says you can’t wear sequins anytime of the year?

 Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.07.12 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.04.03 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.12.35 PM

Now, the good news … how are you going to shop for all of these amazing steals? We have a surprise!!!!

Now…it’s time for a fabulous giveaway!
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